Wednesday, March 15, 2006

More volleyball

Went to the open practice session for St Albans Harriers Volleyball Club for the second time last night. The first time I went along was really interesting for me as I've never had any coaching on volleyball techniques. So, it was a bit of a revelation to get shown how to spike and serve 'properly'. Mind you, my legs did ache for days afterwards as I'm not used to jumping so high. Last night focussed on movement on the court i.e. moving into a good position relative to the person on your team who's going to receive the ball. Not something I'd ever thought of before of course. Also, we did some drill on blocking which I can put into practice now :)

Scott's been doing some more writing and has got a series of articles on Hellerwork published on Yoga Bhoga ('Scotland's Yoga Website'). I particularly liked the description of his facial adjustments in 'To Hellerwork & Back, Part 3'.

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